Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why this blog is created?

It was in the year 2002 that I entered the world of telecom transmission. Ever since that day there has been a sense of evolution every day. Every day I used to wake up and think what more I have to learn today and the next day and the next day. The more I learnt the more I realized as to how ignorant I was regarding this oceanic domain of telecom transmission. Today after 10 years in this field and having worked with various technologies (SDH/ Carrier Ethernet/ Layer-2/ Layer-3) I constantly feel that there is so much and so heavy duty stuff to be learnt and what I do not know.  So, my dear readers, this blog definitely is not a lecture class. Because, me being ignorant cannot lecture you about the nuances of technology.

So what is this blog about? Why the hell do I get up one day and start thinking about telling the world (my telecom fraternity in particular) about the nuances of networking and transmission? The point is, after having realized that despite learning so much it becomes difficult for us and for me to retain things. I have heard my elders say that knowledge is the only wealth that multiplies by sharing. So my dear readers, I am today, with the blessings of my parents and loved ones, and for entirely my interest of multiplying my knowledge wealth sharing my experiences with you in this blog site.

This blog is not a guideline; it is a derivation of experiences. Experiences that are good and that are bad. Experiences that are mind blowing with complex problems having being solved with simple solutions.

Moreover this blog is a dedication to my Transmission Fraternity, who, today are somewhat paranoid due to the transition of transmission technologies. It is my share of effort to actually try and evolve everybody, including me to the new age transmission that is based on Ethernet/QoS/Layer-2/MPLS.

Some rules for this blog.

1.       Please do not be rude or derogatory to any technology:  Please understand that a technology is developed after several years of research and technology is for men and men are not for technology.
2.       Please do not make personal comments:  We are engineers. And today on Engineers’ day I would want every engineer to have mutual respect for each other.
3.       Please do not share proprietary information: We all belong to a domain that is highly technical and highly vulnerable and bounded by patents and copyrights. I, for myself, would not want any proprietary comments on this blog-site that will land any one of us in problems. Discuss technology with a free mind.
4.       Respect your predecessors: Remember, a son cannot be older than his father so maintain decorum for seniors.
5.       Do not ignore any juniors: Revolution can start from any phase, so please do not ignore it.
6.       Be logical: Our entire business is based on logic so it is a primary requirement.

So my dear readers, will post some interesting facts in my next blogs. I had done this in Orkut (when it existed) in the page called SDH and Optical networking. However, that was just questions and answers. This is going to be much more than that. 


  1. Hi Kalyan. Awesome initiative. Looking forward to it.

    Sudheesh S.

  2. Thank you sir! Its really awesome. Looking forward for some more nice which will be really helpful to me.

  3. Hi Sir,

    Many Many Thanks for new initiative for helping us .

  4. Sir..Plz share SDH docs and SDH related interview question and answer..