Saturday, February 14, 2015

Telecom and Kejriwal.........(How AAP can actually be a boon for Telecom revolution......)

Dear Friends, 

First of all I apologize for not being able to write blogs on technical subjects for a long time. Telecom Industry is a very demanding industry and I believe all of you will agree that the work we do and the timings we follow are not one of the best for our leisure and health. Night events, planned events, troubleshooting, presentations and explanations.

Still there are some topics that really encourage you to get up and whack your grey cells for sometimes.

One such event was the prominent accession of an Engineer to the throne of Delhi. Yes I am talking about Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP.

So today my second apology, that the present topic is also not an out and out technical gyaan but something to apply our techniques on.

So the question comes in the mind, how is Kejriwal related to the Telecom development. We saw politicians like RAJA and UPA-1 group only ruin lives of telecom engineers by bringing the slump in the industry, encouraging geriatrics in the field and making things so slow for Telecom that it seemed like a Fiber Cable carrying traffic in Kbps (I am sure people of telecom would understand this, for others this blog is not meant for)

However, Kejriwal is of a different breed. This guy is an engineer (well claims to be), an ex bureaucrat (so is aware of the red-tape in government) and has a modern outlook of inclusive governance. What excited me though was his promises about Free Wi-Fi and CCTV in Delhi. Well why should it not excite any Telecom Engineer (atleast the ones who are committed towards the improvement of this field in real sense.)

Kejriwal's free Wi-Fi and CCTV may look like a fancy to many, but then this is actually a better revenue generating opportunity for the Delhi Government. Not free but low cost Wi-Fi can actually revolutionize and change the face of a metro like Delhi.

Can this man really fulfil
what we dream??????

1. Gets rid of the pathetic/congested 3G networks in Delhi:

The situation of 3G and HSIA in Delhi particularly is pathetic. Low spectrum and high customer base has led to the overall congestion in the network leading to higher latencies and lower quality of experience. You should be very lucky to get 3G connection in Delhi. Low spectrum allocation, the geriatric decision of the UPA government (who actually had no vision of communication explosion and were unscientific people), led to the fact that most of the areas you have 3G running but not efficient.

But behold, Kejriwal's scheme of wifi access points in delhi can prove as a boon towards recovering from such problems. The Wi-Fi infrastructure can be leased to many operators in the city for off-loading their 3G traffic to the wi-fi. This means the data rates can drop. You can actually download an APP in your smartphone and get authenticated by SIM to the WIFI network. The leasing cost should be given by the operators to the Delhi government and this by the way is a very good proposal towards generating Funds for the state exchequer, without loading on the people.

2. Integrates traffic points through CCTV:

Most of the people are thinking that CCTVs are being installed in delhi to prevent crime, especially rape. Well, let me tell you, however misogamist that city may be you do not need 15 lac CCTV cameras to control rape. However, the CCTV cameras can actually serve a lot of good purpose also. Today there are many bottlenecks in the Delhi City region. Munirka, Southex, Dhaula-Kuan signa, Janakpuri, Rohini etc. In most of the cross roads located in these places the traffic distribution is uneven.

With the monitoring of traffic, real time by means of CCTV the Signal timers can be custom SET to provide free flow of the traffic. This actually would mean less rush on the streets during peak hours.

3. Tracking systems made simple:

People can have APP on their mobile handsets and this can interact with the CCTV feedback report by using the WiFi and then they can be provided alternate ways to travel on their Smartphone on the digital map. People can be informed about the traffic situation. People can be informed about the congestion on the streets, all real time. In fact this is proper digital travel experience, that you should be having in a national capital. We expect this from young and dynamic chief ministers.

4. Online complain Cells:

Now for the favourite part when it comes to Delhi. Yes, Crime.... Lot of policemen (who by the way are still under the purview of central government in Delhi) have this uncanny habit of passing the buck when you go to complain. Well not anymore. There can be an APP that actually interpolates locations with police stations. Any crime that occurs at a place (God forbid) the victim can just by one button press on the App and the complain is registered to the nearest police station that is in the jurisdiction, without any human (err should I call it Thulla ) interference.

This APP should also have a followup mechanism and e-mail reporting of feedbacks if any towards the incident.

Well there are so many  things more. Like integrating the CCTV and the Wi-Fi access point in one box. Low cost IP telephony using wi-fi. Encouraging work from home for people and this actually increases a lot of safety and reduces a lot of liability.

So as a Telecom Engineer, who is not quite happy with the way telecom has been handled by the government for the last 13 years, I wish .........No.....not wish......wish is not an appropriate word.

I pray, that sense and logic prevails for the new regime and the new regime is not taken over by dogmatic approach and arrogance. They respect the mandate rather rejoice it and really do something GOOD for this technology called TELECOM, and take it to new heights.

Hoping for the best.... For our Capital,