Sunday, May 4, 2014

Check your stress level friends; Life is not a reversible event.....

" A Profession is only meant to satisfy your technical and financial hunger, making an obsession out of a profession is not desirable."
                                                                                          Recent events......

My dear friends of the transmission fraternity,

After a long hiatus due to some occupational reasons I take this opportunity to write a post again in my blog. I wanted today to actually discuss about the emerging trends in video transmission and its future but my thoughts and inputs were disturbed by some very uncalled for news.

Friends, why is it like this that sometimes committed telecom executives who are there for the cause are really not rewarded and not actually understood in their better span of the career? Why is it so that some people who have actually laid their hands in developing and maintaining a fault free network are not actually very concerned about their lives when it comes to health and fitness?

Readers of my blog, I would want to actually stress one point over here and make this very straight, "Machines are for men however men are not for machines...." Please do not let the machines take a toll and controll over your life.

Yesterday night I heard three such sad news where transmission experts of the age of 30 - 35 have fallen prey to heart and brain stroke and have had to bid a final adieu to this world at a very tender and productive age. Sad, very sad, however let us understand before coming to any advisory conclusions as to why such a thing actually happens?

We may be advised a lot about taking care of our health but let us face it the stress levels in the field of telecom is immense and the pressures of the Indian telecom scenario is huge. Over and above that the Indian Telecom Industry gives very few options for a person to have a parallel growth path. After visiting countries of the west such as US and Europe and understanding their organisation structure I have come to a conclusion that dramatic changes are required in the working model of an Indian Telecom Firm.

In India the process of quantifying experience is archaic and obsolete. Experience primarily means a person with high amount of work-ex, eventhough he/she might be sitting on a stone. So primarily a person who is working for say 15 years and has a big brand in his resume will be given a higher preference than a person who is say 5 years old but has got good knowledge base. This understanding leads to frustration, and killing of ideas that a fresh mind can actually contribute towards the development of newer technologies and newer ways of revenue generation in the organization.

I am not saying seniority should not be respected but there should be a parallel path of growth. Not every person can be a manager and not every person can be an expert technically so there should be two parallel ladders of growth as it is there in the west.

This frustration often leads to higher stress levels at ages of 30-35 where a person is infact in the last leg of  proving his excellence but is not allowed to sometimes. Stress leads to such diseases.

Heart stroke, brain stroke, burn-out, inappropriate metabolism, messed up lifestyle are some of the very common disorders. The person is so obsessed with work that he doesn't actually understand the risk to his health and also messes up his family life.

My advice to my friends, who are facing these is go a bit slow. There is no fun in risking your life or health in something that is only carrying a material value for a small bit of time. If something untoward happens then it is you and your family who will suffer. The industry will and must go on at its pace.

Please, please my friends do not stretch too much. If a network goes down for some moments it is not leading to mass destruction, it is only a distruption of service, which can be fixed by patient and logical troubleshooting. Not that do not be committed but also be health concious. If you are at an age and in a position where night events are taking a toll on you, stop it. Talk to your seniors, if they understand then well and good and if they do not look out for options... It is not the end of the world. After all your knowledge and commitment are your assets only till the time you are healthy and living.

My sincere condolences to the family members of Mr Vivek Pillai and Mr Sanjay Gohel. I happened to meet Vivek once in a technical discussion, have not had the opportunity to meet Sanjay. May the almighty give the strength to their families to bear this loss and always be with them. I am sad and bereaved that telecom world has lost such young an potential talents.

This is a tremendous loss.

We as a fraternity, are always behind their families.


Kalyan Mukherjee